Christmas 2006

We spent our Christmas in the "Wallachian Kingdom", 400 km east of Prague in Northern Moravia. On the hill are beautiful woodden cottages from the end of the 19th century made by Slowakien master Dušan Jurkovič. He combined Art Nouveau with colourful folklore elements from the region. The shown complex consists of restaurant Libušín and hotel Maměnka. Not far away are the Wallachian Open Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radhošťem and cute small town Štramberk.

White Christmas!

Buildings like in fairy-tales

Cosy interior

The "poet of wood" Dušan Jurkovič built the house 1898

Alexandra and the "Frgál" cake

Gunnar in the snow

Fresh snow...

... and wind

Restaurant Libušín

Hotel Maměnka

Small town Štramberk