June 2008

Syria is like a fairy-tale! The streets are clean and safe until the night, the people are friendly, the food is excellent. The stone houses have unexpected beautiful courtyards with orange trees and many birds in the morning. We loved to visit the souqs and the hammam from 16th century. This year, Damascus is not only the capital of Syria, but the UNESCO Cultural Capital of the Arab world.

After Damascus (2,5 Mio. inhabitants, in Arabic Dimaschq: دمشق‎) we flew to Aleppo (1,7 Mio. inhabitants, in Arabic Halab: حلب‎) in the north of Syria. There it looks like an old painting in the National Gallery from the Orient of the 19th century.


We stayed in Suleyman Suite

Alexandra in the courtyard of...

... our Damascus Home Al Mamlouka

View from the terrace over the hills of Damascus

In the morning in front of the Omayad mosque

Common prayer in Omayad mosque

Restaurant Elisar

Ammar studied in Czech Republic

The day begins in souq Al Hammidiyeh

Spices in souq Busurije

Sweets from Damascus

Social life on the streets


Cleaning the streets

After the prayer


Honey in the souq of Aleppo

Pistachio from Iran

Traditional soaps made of olive and laurel oil

Relax in the mosque

Fascinating cobble stones

Sultan Gunnar in traditional dress...

... as the proud salesman

We stayed in...

... Mansouriya Palace

The citadel of Aleppo

Typical settlement in Syria