March 2013

Our impressions of Marrakech: cheerful birds chirping every morning, proud Arabian horses, storks nesting on the walls, hundreds of swallows; endless gardens, fleur d'orange, white fruit trees in the Ourika Valley, ancient olive groves, sea of flowers, violet Jaracanda trees, water fountains full of rose leafs; flat Moroccan bread, sweet date milk, refreshing mint tea, scented orange butter; genuine hospitality, veiled women, men in Jalabiya, busy life in colorful souks, fragrant spices, lonely shepherds, overcrowded donkey carts, chewing camels, green horse carriages; intensive colors and red sunsets, oriental koran school, historical Bahia Palace, tourist groups at the Saadi tombs, dying palm oasis, snowy Atlas Mountains, Berber villages made of mud; surprisingly maginificent riad courtyards, handmade mosaics on floors and walls, medieval fort around the medina, daily calls of the muezzin from the minaret and much more.

Teatime in Hotel Namaskar

View to Marrakesch

Daily market in the medina

Sparrow are coming regularly to breakfast

Dates on market, photo from our friend Dario

Iron souq

Beautiful wooden frames

Garden of La Mamounia

Thoughtful Arab

Riad Bahia

Afternoon Tea in Royal Mansour

On the terrasse of La Sultana

Maroccan Interieur

The garden of painter Majorelle

Arabic horse at Selman

Inner courtyard in the medina

Typical bird of Marrakech

Jalaba dress

Restaurant in Selman

Entrance into La Mamounia

Typical stucco wall

The barbier of Marrakech

Berber with goats

In Kasbah district

The birds could hardly wait for breakfast

Ourika valley with view to Atlas Mountains (up to 4165 m high)

In the garden of Kasbah Tamadot

Störks are revered in Marocco

Donkey carts and carriages are still visible in Marrakech

Enchanted garden of La Mamounia

Looking forward to return