January/February 2004

Curaçao is the biggest island of the Netherland Antilles in the Dutch Carribean 45 miles away from Venezuela. The area of the island is nearly 200 square miles with 170.000 inhabitans. Some beaches have magnificant white corall sand and very clear water. This island was once centre of slavery. We liked most hotel complex Kurá Hulanda (=">Dutch courtyard"), established by 65 colonial houses including narrow streets and squares in the capital Willemstad. We have chosen this island to meet our Dutch friends Hans and Paul who live in the same resort (many thanx to both of them for their time and help!).

we stayed in a separate house in Livingstone Jan-Thiel-Resort

Sea Aquarium Beach

Gunnar and Hans at the beach of Cas Abou

Gunnar at the pool of Floris Suite Hotel

Alexandra at the waterfall in Kurá Hulanda



Santa Martha Bay

The hole as a natural bridge at the coast near Western point

warehouse Penha built 1702 in Willemstad

Gunnar in Museum restaurant

typical Antillean colours

narow street in Kurá Hulanda


dinner in restaurant Jaipur

our favourite building in hotel complex Kurá Hulanda

african art

museum of slavery

authentic statue