February 2010

For our tenth wedding anniversary we realized one of our dreams and travelled to the end of the world. If possible, we would probably never return. There is nothing but lownliness and peaceful silence with the harmony of six colours: light blue, dark blue, turquoise, white, grey and black. No buildings, no beton, no people, only wales, birds, see lions and penguins. Beside antarctican wind nature showed all its possibilities: fog, snowy rain, sunrise and sunset with clear sunny sky.

Official picture of our ship photograph of Paradise Bay

Some icebergs were ten times bigger than our ship

Inside Gerlache Strait

Many huge glaciers around us

Penguins call...

... people like Alexandra...

... the "red coats"

Gunnar with trapper hat

Unfortunately this is only possible to see on a postcard

Near Lemaire Island

Sir Ernest Shackletons expedition spent months on Elephant Island

Unbelievable world of glaciers

Iceberg along Dallmann Strait

Colony of Gentoo penguins

Frozen deck

Close to Melchior Island

Detail of a glacier

Two hours through ice-floe

On some ice blocks sit penguins or see lions

At the beginning we made photos of every piece of ice

Sunset during leaving Palmer archipelago